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Realizations About Myself

November 25, 2009

I just had an interesting conversation with Jamie about how emotionally charged I get after my team loses.  Now, it’s normal to feel sad or bummed after your team loses, but I apparently feel very angry.  To the point I start walking around mumbling to myself, slamming doors and being short with people.  My mom seems to also agree with Jamie about how upset I get when my team loses.  She told me that she knows by now the signs that my team lost, such as prolonged silence on my end, my slamming things, etc.  So she avoids me at all costs for about a half hour.

Jamie also “analyzed” how I handle different kinds of loses.  If my team suffers an upset, I start doing all of the things that I’ve listed above.  If my team didn’t suffer an upset, and they just lost, I’m just really quiet and I don’t express outward anger.

I never realized this about myself and I find it interesting that other people have picked up on this and know my ways.  It’s frightening and intriguing that people know my behaviors better than I do.


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